Paris, 1924.  They Joyce family:  James, Nora, Giorgio, and Lucia.  (From the Poetry/Rare Books Collection, University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo, with thanks to The Modern Word.

Directory of Finnegans Wake
Reading Groups

A list of local groups meeting in real space and time.
  We invite leaders or members of groups
to send information for the Directory.


Adelaide, Australia
We meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at Finn MacCool's Irish pub in Norwood. We usually get through about three to five pages over a meal and Guinness, with an emphasis on enjoyment rather than strict scholarly accuracy. Bring a reference work if you have any.The group is largely organised through this Facebook page.
Simon Collinson

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Group starting February 2, 2014, to celebrate Joyce's 132nd birthday, meeting once a month on a Sunday evening to read pages aloud. We will not begin at the beginning, thus exploring the circular structure of the book. Besides the focus on reading aloud there will eventually be screenings and talks.
For more information about attending, contact 
Mariana Lanari

telephone 0641590039

Antwerp, Belgium
Finnegans Wake Leesgroep Antwerpen
Fortnightly on Monday evenings
 in the Antwerp Theatre Hotel
in the Arenbergstraat in the centre of Antwerp
 (near Burla-schouwburg and Theaterplein).
Liesbeth van Gool

Vorstenhuislaan 23
B2610 Wilrijk/Antwerp, Belgium
Tel 038279768

Berkeley, California 1/2
Joyce Discussion Society
University of California, Berkeley
under the supervision of John Bishop
oral recitation of Finnegans Wake
focusing on a page per week
Sundays 6:00-8:00 pm
English Lounge, 330 Wheeler Hall
Open to Joyce enthusiasts of all levels,
with drop-in visitors encouraged.
Lainie Escovedo

Berkeley, California 2/2
The Berkeley Tuesday Night Finnegans Wake Group
Meeting weekly for more than 20 years.
Online at

Boston, Massachusetts 1/2
Every Tuesday
at The Red House, 98 Winthrop Street, Cambridge
at 7 p.m.
Richard Cosma


Boston, Massachusetts 2/2
(time and day determined at the start of each semester)
at O'Leary's Pub, 1010 Beacon St, Brookline
about 5 or 6 p.m.
Stephanie Nelson
Mailing list

Bozeman, Montana
A pageatatime
7pm every Sunday
a At The Bacchus Pub
(in The Baxter Hotel atrium)
103 West Main Street.
Rio Gonzalez


Brisbane, Australia
We meet on the first Thursday of every month at Avid Reader bookshop in West End, Brisbane, with a few extra sessions at members’ houses every so often. We began in March 2013, reading about 2 pages a night, and a year later we finished chapter 1. At this rate, we should finish some time in 2039. Some of the more impatient members of the group have already looked up the end. We have a blog.
Tony Thwaites

Buffalo, New York
Every two weeks on Tuesday during the academic year
 from 7:30 to11:00 or so.
Alphonse Kolodziejczak
70 Rollingwood
Williamsville, NY 14221-1834
The Poetry Collection
University of Buffalo

hampaign-Urbana, Illinois
Every Sunday night,
September through May.
James Hurt

Dublin, Ireland
weekly on Tuesdays in the academic year
 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in the
Joyce Cultural Centre
North Great George's Street
Dublin 1
Robert Nicholson

Dubuque, Iowa

Our Joyce reading group meets every Tuesday afternoon, 4:30 to 6:00, or thereabouts.
We gather at Molly Malone's pub in Dubuque.
We've been meeting for many years, beginning with Ulysses and graduating to Finnegans Wake. We take turns reading by paragraphs. Animated discussion follows.
Currently the group hs two English professors who always wanted to read the book and never did, a nurse, an ex-banker and his wife, a retired engineer, and myself, a religious studies professor. For a few weeks we were blessed with the presence of Daragh Smyth of DIT, Dublin, who read the book with Roland McHugh. Past members of the group include a classics professor, a counselor, a publisher of women's health books, and an investment broker. We are (obviously) open to anyone who is interested, and willing to shape their entire schedule around our time slot.
Robert Beck
Loras College
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Leiden, Netherlands
Finnegans Wake Leiden

We meet once every two months (every even month)
We aim to read Finnegans Wake, finding a balance
between enjoyment of the text, our own input, and scholarly accuracy.
Terence Merkelbach

London, England/UK
Meets at the Institute of English Studies, 
last Friday of every month, 6-8 pm. 
Finn Fordham

Long Island, New York
Narcolepts on the Lakes of Coma

Twice monthly on varying schedule
at the Mastic Moriches Shirley Public Library
off exit 68 South of the Long Island Expressway on William Floyd Parkway.
Joe Vignola


Madison, Wisconsin
Madison Joyce Reading Group

Currently reading Finnegans Wake
Weekly Sunday meetings
5:30 to 7:30
Mary McLees

Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Finnegans Wake Reading Group - Mineral Point

Usually meet every other Sunday, 5-7 pm in the Cornish Pub Room at the Walker House.venue website:
reading group website:
Joel Gosse

New York City 1/4
The Wake Watchers of 
The Finnegans Wake Society of New York

Meeting monthly on the fourth Wednesday, 6 -- 8 pm.
You are reading this on our web site
where our present reading point is posted on the index page. All are welcome to join the group at any time.
describing your Wake experience or interest.

New York City 2/4

A group for newcomers to the Wake. Regular meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m.
Patricia Berger

212 489 5644
for more information.

New York City 3/4
Brooklyn, New York
Reading FW

A group in NYC
will meet monthly and hold its initial meeting at a private residence in Park Slope. Future meeting dates will be addressed at each meeting.
Tara Baltazar

New York City 4/4
Brooklyn, New York
Lots of fun at FW

We now meet every second Thursday at 2:30 pm on West 28th Street. Some members are experienced Joyceans, others much less so. Some have read through the Wake as members of a group, some have read deeply in parts, but not all the way through, some have read little. I usually open meetings with a talk of 10 to 20 minutes based on relevant scholarship. Then we read about five pages aloud and move through the text the best we can.
I ask members for a voluntary contribution of $10 for the prep I do; some give $5 and some nothing.
Finally, it should be mentioned that members who aren't well-prepared are asked to keep their comments and questions minimal and that new members need to be a good fit with the group.

Michael Graves


Philly Finnegans Wake Reading Group
Meeting once a month (on a Sunday from September to May, on a Wednesday from June to August: write for specific dates and times) at St. Stephen's Green Pub.
We are an informal gathering of academics and nonacademics, all ages, interested in working through the Wake in a laid-back and lively atmosphere.  We read a passage aloud, discuss until we can discuss no more, and then move on to the next, and have been doing so since 2009.  We post notes after each monthly meeting; new members always welcome.
Janine Utell
for more info.

Portland, Oregon
The Earwickers

We have just started our group which meets monthly at the County Cork Public House in Portland Oregon.  The Earwickers read approximately two pages per meeting, over proper libations.  We welcome new members.
More information here

Riverside, California
 at Notre Dame High School
Eric Robert Wagner

San Francisco, California
meeting every Tuesday at 9 pm
at Haight & Pierce in the Lower haight,
reading 20-30 pages per week.
"Our focus is on covering ground and enjoying the act of reading and hearing the book aloud."
Brett Lockspeiser

Santa Fe, New Mexico 1/2
Meets Saturday mornings, 9:30 a.m. to noon-ish.
Tamar Stieber

Santa Fe, New Mexico 2/2
JoyceGroup Santa Fe

Founded 1998 by the late Elaine Mingus
Weekly meetings held Saturday mornings from 10:00-12:30 at the Santa Fe Public Library
Wakeean actor/blogger Adam Harvey (“JoyceGeek") leads discussion, which focuses the first hour on a non-Wake Joyce book (presently Ulysses), and the second hour on Finnegans Wake. All are welcome, beginners and veterans alike. More info:

Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
Allforabit Funferall
Second Sunday of every month in University Place
We've been meeting since November 2005, and read just a few pages a month. Our emphasis is on extracting all the heady goodness we can from the Wake while having fun doing it. Bring your laptop -- Fweet, Google, and Wikipedia are your friends. So-called "fanciful" interpretations are welcome!
Ron Hale-Evans

Sydney, Australia
Meets monthly on a Sunday afternoon for tea and cake and lots of fun followed by a glass of wine. We have been meeting since 2004 and are up to page 309. No rush.
Gabrielle Carey

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Last Tuesday of every month at the Six Acres Restaurant in Gastown, oral recitation of Finnegans Wake focusing on three pages per month (to last for 17 years)
Kevin Spenst

#303- 2295 Pandora Street
Vancouver BC
V5L 1N6
Tel 604-805-6333

Venice, California
Marshall McLuhan/Finnegans Wake Reading Club
at the Venice Library.
Meets the first Monday of each month to read amd discuss two pages of Finnegans Wake in the light of McLuhan's work
Gerry Fialka

310 306 7330

Washington, D.C.
We meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays (+ 5th Mondays, which come around surprisingly often!) of every month. Locations change from meeting to meeting but are always on Capitol Hill, always at a drinking/eating establishment.
We read 2-3 pages per meeting.
Mary Flannery
or look for us on Facebook.

Waynesville, North Carolina
Nestled in our cozy town of in the Smoky Mountains we spent the proper seven years on Ulysses and now are meeting the third Saturday of each month reading the Wake one paragraph at a time.
Steve Wall

828 452 7171

Zurich, Switzerland
 two continuing groups
1) Thursday evenings, 7 - 8.30
2) Thursday afternoon 4.30 - 6
Fritz Senn

Zurich James Joyce Foundation
Augustinergasse 9
CH-8001 Zurich Switzerland
Phone: ++41 1 211 83 01 Fax ++41 1 212 51